Building a new release of odltoolsΒΆ


An experimental Makefile option is available. Use the below commands to complete all the steps listed later in this document. The make release target will create a branch <BRANCH>, tag, build and push the pypi package to pypi. The user should run the tox tests against the current branch before calling the make target.

make release <TAG> <BRANCH>

make release TAG=0.1.19 BRANCH=rel
  1. Update the Version

    vi odltools/
    git add odltools/
    git commit -s -m "release x.y.z"
    git tags -m "release x.y.z" -a x.y.z
  2. Run the Tests

    tox (or detox)
  3. Release on PyPi

    python check
    python clean
    python sdist bdist_wheel upload


    The above commands assume a .pypirc like below will be used

    index-servers =
    username = cooldude
    password = coolpw
    username = cooldude
    password = coolpw
  4. Test the PyPi Install

    mkvirtualenv tmptest
    pip install odltools
    python -m odltools -V
    rmvirtualenv tmptest
  5. Push the Code

    git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
    git push origin x.y.z
  6. Verify All is Good in the World

    Check the PyPi odltools page, README, release notes, etc.